10 Best Dishwasher Brands in India

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best dishwasher india

Automatic Dishwasher appliances in India are designed well and engineered to clean all types of utensils in the kitchen easier, quicker, and more adaptive. Modern dishwashers have more features, smarter wash cycle programs with a quick drying process.

A Dishwasher is a home appliance used to automatically clean dishware like stainless steel, single glass, cups, and cutlery. The dishwasher also deep cleans utensils with oil and masala stains of Indian cooking types.

There are different types of dishwashers portable or freestanding, built-in, integrated, and drawer. The dishwasher comes in various dimensions and capacities like full size, slimline, and compact. The full-size dishwasher is ideal for mid-size to large families. Compact dishwasher is suitable for a couple or a small family in India.

Benefits of Using a Dishwasher

Using a dishwasher for cleaning dishes is healthier and safer in several ways. It also saves time, energy, and water consumption. Here are some of the benefits of buying a dishwasher in India

  • Easy to use
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Time saving
  • Energy saving
  • Hygienic

How to Choose a Dishwasher in India

There are many dishwasher brands available online in India. The best dishwasher with good detergent can clean your dirty utensils quickly and easily without any effort. Some of the features you need to look at when picking a dishwasher are having stainless steel adjustable racks, a quick drying technology, low noise, better performance, and energy efficiency.

Choosing the dishwasher depends on the type, capacity range, the size of your household. Here are some of the factors that you might want to consider before buying a dishwasher online in India are

  • Place settings
  • Wash programs
  • Adjustable racks
  • Cleaning performance 
  • Low noise up to 50 dB
  • Energy efficiency with A++
  • Drying efficiency
  • Less water consumption
  • Ease to use
  • Warranty

The Best Dishwasher Brands in India

Here is a list of the best dishwasher brands available in India that you can buy for an easy and automatic cleaning process of dishes, cutlery, and crockery at your home.

1. Bosch – Dishwasher

buy bosch dishwasher in India
  • Model: SMS66GI01I
  • Free stand dishwasher
  • 13 place settings
  • 6 Wash Programs

2. LG – Dishwasher

LG dishwasher brand in India
  • Model: DFB424FP
  • Free stand dishwasher
  • 14 place settings
  • 9 Wash Programs

3. IFB India – Dishwasher

IFB dishwasher on amazon India
  • Model: Neptune SX1
  • Free stand dishwasher
  • 15 place settings
  • 8 Wash Programs

4. Faber – Dishwasher

faber dishwasher in India
  • Model: FFSD6PR12S
  • Free stand dishwasher
  • 12 place settings
  • 6 Wash Programs

5. Midea – Dishwasher

Midea freestanding dishwasher
  • Model: WQP125201F
  • Free stand dishwasher
  • 13 place settings
  • 7 Wash Programs

6. Voltas India – Dishwasher

voltas beko countertop dishwasher in India
  • Model: Beko DT8S
  • Compact dishwasher
  • 8 place settings
  • 6 Wash Programs

7. Siemens – Dishwasher

siemens freestanding dishwashers
  • Model: SN236I01KI 
  • Free stand dishwasher
  • 13 place settings
  • 6 Wash Programs

8. Godrej India – Eon Dishwasher

godrej Eon dishwashers
  • Model: Eon Vesta
  • Free stand dishwasher
  • 12 place settings
  • 8 Wash Programs

9. Hafele – Dishwasher

Hefele freestanding dishwashers
  • Model: Aqua 12S
  • Free stand dishwasher
  • 12 place settings
  • 5 Wash Programs

10. Lloyd India – Dishwasher

lloyd dishwashers in India
  • Model: LDWF15PSA1TS
  • Free stand dishwasher
  • 15 place settings
  • 7 Wash Programs

Why you Should Use a Dishwasher for Indian Cooking

A dishwasher is modern day energy and time-saving kitchen appliance in India. Washing your vessels or utensils takes much time and effort. Cleaning dishes in the dishwasher uses much less energy and water than the manual dishes cleaning process by hand.

In India, most of the used utensils have oil and masala stains. Using a dishwasher with good detergent can cleans tough stains easily. The different wash programs and cleaning power of a dishwasher can easily clean hard stains. The heated water kills germs by rinsing dishware at a higher temperature and helps to keep your kitchenware much hygienic.

Some popular freestanding and countertop dishwasher brands in India are BoschVoltasIFB, and LG. These are suitable for cleaning all types of Indian utensils. Each dishwasher has its features and benefits. Before buying, compare prices and reviews of the dishwasher from well known and trustworthy brands in India.

How to Use a Dishwasher

The process of using or loading a dishwasher is simple and automatic. Firstly, you have to load the dishes carefully and then select the wash program cycle and run it to deliver sparkling clean, and hygienic results.

  • Pre-rinse your dishes under tap water to remove dry food or leave it
  • Place plates in the bottom rack of the dishwasher
  • Keep cutlery in the flatware basket. Glasses and cups on the top rack
  • Separate your stainless steel and silver dishware
  • Avoid dishware materials like wood, iron, and aluminum
  • Use the correct amount of powder or liquid detergent
  • Select the wash cycle program and run it then, remove the dry dishes
  • Clean the racks, exterior, and filter regularly after use

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