7 Best Manscaping Tips for Every Indian Men

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' Bared chest men' Grooming Tips for Men

Manscaping is the removal or trimming of unwanted body hair on a men’s body by methods like trimming, waxing, shaving. Grooming your chest, underarms, and pubic area need a quality shave include a proper regimen and the right tools. You may need a good electric trimmer to get the hair short or a good razor to shave bare, also an after-shave moisturizer to protect your skin.

Here are some easy manscaping tips for keeping it safe, neat, and tidy.

1. Trim before shaving

It is best to trim before you shave because trimming down your body hair before shaving reduces the effort required during shaving and avoids clogging.

2. Take a Hot Bath or Shower

The warm water will help soften your body hair and make it easier for the razor to glide over your skin.

3. Disinfect Tools

For good grooming safety and hygienic wash your hands properly, and sanitize your tools before and after the shaving. It prevents the risk of contamination and infections.

4. Avoid Dull Razors

Check for dull and clogged razor blades before using the razor. Dull razors increase your risk of cuts and irritation. Use different razors for your body and your face. Consider the use of disposable razors for your body to avoid the risk of contamination.

5. Apply Pre-Shave Oil or Shower Gel

Pre-Shave oil makes shaving easy and comfortable by enhancing razor glide smoothly and protects your skin against shaving irritation and razor burn. So apply Pre-shave oil before shaving with any hair removal razor products.

6. Shave Gentle and slow

Shaving slowly and gently is most important. Unlike other grooming areas, the pubic area has thin, sensitive, and delicate skin. Shaving body hair in the direction that your hair grows minimizes irritation.

7. Use an After Shave or Moisturizer

Body hair shaving may also take away the moisture from your skin and irritate your skin. Use a moisturizer with natural ingredients to relieve irritation. Moisturizing after shaving your body will hydrate your skin and helps soothe the skin.

In case of rash and worse irritation consider, the use of cortisone cream to relieve after-shave irritation.